Congratulations on your engagement!

It can be hard to know what to expect or even where to start when planning your wedding, the entire process is new and can be somewhat overwhelming. This is the "hard part" for many couples, and our aim is to make it all super simple. You likely have some idea of what you'd like your wedding styling to be - there are however so many options it can be hard to pick one cohesive design. This is where we can come in!

We work a bit differently to other hire companies with our aim to be informative and take the stress away in planning what is typically one of the

We have a vast knowledge of venues within Christchurch and the wider Canterbury region and we can help you figure out a cohesive design for your day, what exactly you may require aswell as other general wedding planning advice.


How can we help?

Come Along to a Pop-in Session

You can come along to one of our pop-in sessions (typically held on a weekend and advertised on our Facebook page), have a look at our hire range and a chat to our friendly and helpful staff.


One-on-one Consultation

If you would prefer more information, scheduling a one-on-one session is recommended. This is a 60-minute appointment where we go over your style and overall requirements, offer styling and overall advice and then draw up a full quote for your wedding from this, working out exactly what you need, how much of each and so forth. This is recommended if you are wanting us to set-up your wedding, or you require more information than we could give you during a casual pop-in session. Note these are limited, and this is paid appointment.

If you do require more advice and styling than this session can offer we can refer you to some incredibly talented wedding stylists in Christchurch who we work with.


Set-up and Pack-down

We offer a set-up and pack-down service for your wedding day which includes on-the-day-styling.

We set-up over 40 weddings each and every year in Christchurch and within the greater Canterbury region. We are highly experienced in what we do, so you can be confident that your day will go off without a hitch!

Pricing varies and is based on your actual requirements. In general a typical wedding set-up can cost $650 incl GST - $950 inc GST and this includes admin leading up to your day, a final 60-minute consultation to go over all details, full runsheet for your day, liaising with your venue, on-the-day styling, all staff, travel and mileage costs aswell as cartage of all hired items and any sundries required for set-up.

If you do require this service we recommend talking to us 6-8 months in advance to secure your date, as dates are limited.



We have worked with a number of couples both overseas and within New Zealand who have opted for an intimate ceremony, forgoing the stress of a more traditional wedding.

We can help style, set-up and pack-down your ceremony to make it truly memorable day and completely stress-free.


Why use us?

Our aim is to be different than everyone else. All staff have styling experience and we have all worked in this beautiful industry for a number of years. We genuinely all love what we do, and we put our all into each and every wedding and event.

Simply put - we know our stuff. We've problem-solvers, foliage lovers, detail-orientated ponderers. We've seen it all before and we've solved it all before. Setting up the biggest event of your life is not something we take lightly, and shouldn't be a job given to those who don't have any experience. You get this special day once, make sure it is done right, and without the stress.


For examples of our work, please see our Weddings Gallery.