Do you have a vision for your event or wedding but are struggling to pull it all together?

Does this sound like you?

  • You have no idea where to start, pulling all your ideas together is hard work

  • You want someone to bounce off ideas, and then give suggestions to fit your budget

  • Someone who will work out all the hard, boring stuff like quantities you need and logistics of how this will work at your venue

  • You want to leave feeling relieved and excited that someone “gets” you and what you’re wanting

We offer one-on-one consultation for your upcoming event or celebration. These are held at our showroom, for a duration of 60 minutes and we cover the following

  • Concept creation of your unique style


Cost: $149 incl GST

Note: Our consultation services are free for clients wanting to discuss set-up and hire for their event or wedding.

If a consultation results in a booking of $1,000 or more, the consultation fee already paid will be deducated from your hire booking.

We recommend consultations if you are planning an event or wedding and requiring us to set-up for you. These are free, no-obligation consultations held in our showroom in Papanui. While these consultations hold no-obligation to book with us, they are aimed for those who are at the stage of wanting to look at options and finalise their decor choices. Your initial consultation is scheduled for one hour and we cover your overall plan and styling for your event or wedding. While this is a one-on-one consultation, everything is done in a very relaxed and casual setting.


Can I just pop in, do I need to make an appointment?

Yes of course, we are open Monday - Friday 9.00am - 4.30pm, and on Saturday’s 9.00am - 2.00pm.

You can browse products, and chat to one of our staff about your requirements.

How long is the consultation?

All consultations are schedulced for 60 mins. We often have back-to-back appointments or tasks, and we please ask for you to be on time as we can’t run over the allotted time.

How much is a consultation?

What do I need to bring, and what should I expect?

You will be emailed some general questions to fill out prior to your consultation and you are encouraged to send us any inspiration images or links to your Pinterest Board prior to your consultation. This gives us a great starting point, and means we can be better prepared and make the most from your consultation.

Your consultation is held at our showroom, and we will go through your ceremony and reception, discussing your overall styling and making suggestions and giving you any additional advice you may need. You will be able to view items, and we can also arrange mock-up of centrepieces during your visit.

Following your consultation we will email you with an overview of what we discussed along with a quote. All our quotes are valid for 7 days.


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