Deliveries and Shipment

Christchurch Delivery

We deliver items within Christchurch and Canterbury.

When making a booking enquiry please let us know the address for delivery/collection and the date required (and time if applicable).

Most orders are charged at $2.00 p/km return trip from our warehouse, with a minimum charge for this is $50.00. Larger orders are quoted seperately, to allow for extra staff and time required on-site.


Nationwide Courier

We strictly only courier items during May - August, and this is limited to smaller items.
The exception is for other industry professionals, who we courier our items throughout the year. If you would like learn more or create an account with us, please get in touch.

We do not courier any of our neons, marquee lights and other bulky items.

Please see our Terms and Conditions for information regarding delivery, delays, lost items and insurance.